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So you are planning a celebration!!

You can find a copy of my PLI here: www.mobiledjnetwork.co.uk/details/pdf.php?id=MDJN-10124-19567 

You're looking for a DJ/Disco?

Well then you have come to the right place:

Hello and welcome to my website.  

Hello my name is Lou and I am the Sole Proprietor of this great little business.  I know you have loads of websites to search through, but please do read through ours carefully.  It would be a shame if you missed out!  I hope you can find everything you need.  If not just message me through the interested in our services tab.  Lower down on this page.  The Magnet Entertainment is a professional, well presented company with friendly, knowledgeable staff that offer an efficient and reliable service. 

Our pricing is very competitive offering quality service with value for money. Provided are Child parties from £200 for two hours.

Teen Party from £260 for 3 hours.

Silver from £320 for 4 hours.

Gold from £380 for 4 hours.

Platinum from £440 for 4 hours.

Our Premium Wedding Package starts from £1000 for four hours.

Then there are the seasonal packages too

We do have Public liability insurance and a PAT certificate available to show on request as well as being DSB checked.  

Now the more business side to it:

At The Magnet Entertainment I try to personalise to the individual(s) needs.

I have a huge selection of music to choose from.  You can have a mix, or just charts, maybe you have a few specific tracks you would like to make sure we have on the night.  We have even had an 80's and a Garage only night.  Maybe your not entirely sure and just want the most popular tracks from over the years.  Or if you wish you can leave it up to us to judge your guests mood, and play what we think will get your guests dancing.

Because of this we can not always guarantee that we can for-fill your guests requests on the night, if they require something that is completely different from what we have got your guests dancing too,  is not suitable or we are unable to squeeze it in, it would be a shame to clear that dance floor( we have been begged to play Alice Coopers Poison at a Wedding).  So please do not be offended if we say we don't have or can not play it.

I am DBS (CRB) checked and have Public liability Insurance & PAT tested equipment. 

Now tell me what do you remember about the last knees up you went too?  

I'll bet it was the music!

Yes you could use an Ipod, but you won't get the decent sound, or the same atmosphere you get with a disco.  An Ipod can't judge the crowd, it doesn't have the same quality of sound once it is put in a doc and turned up full blast.  Plus the lighting and stands as well as all the other little bits can be very costly Most of which costs more than a single booking believe it or not!, and these need to be PAT tested and Insured in order to be used in most venues.  Then you need the time to set it all up which is something you are not going to have the time to do on the day, we have been doing for some time and we make it look so easy and quick to do.  Believe me I used to take such a long time setting up when I first started.

Do you know a lot of people forget to add the evenings entertainment into the budget, or they leave very little budget to cover it?  People are willing to pay up to £800 for a Chocolate fountain or photo Booth but not a DJ who spends hours behind the scene searching and buying music, testing the equipment and getting everything ready for the event they are doing.  Not to mention the time they actually DJ and it is very full on keeping the dance floor busy as well as taking requests and working out where to put them in.  We can not just turn up set up and then just let the equipment run it self!!

I like to think that I am very reasonably priced when it comes to costs, I charge for 4 hours but if you require early set up then we will need to charge a little extra(don't worry it won't be a huge amount).  I also charge for my time as I do spend a lot of time working behind the scenes too, and then there's the travel as well as setting up and packing away, cost of licenses, insurances as well as all the other little things required.

I find the best Bookings we have done are the ones where we play a mixture of music, something that pleases and entertains every single one of your guests.  We have a wide selection and can play a huge range of it at your event, covering all genres and eras.  I do not mind you sending in a list of what you love as it helps me decide on other tracks I think will work too.  Now I won't guarantee that your guests will be up all night, because if your family is like mine, most of them won't have seen each other in quite some time and so they are going to have a good old catch up. Plus once they have had a few drinks and loosen up a little they do usually congregate on the dance floor.  

Entertainment can cost you from around £100( I would't recommend using) to £2000 for a few hours, depending on who you use and what equipment they have, if they are insured, have PAT tested equipment, part time or a full time DJ.  Everyone budgets for flowers, cake, money behind the bar and all those other little bits that not one of your guest's really thinks that much about, but no one thinks about the DJ and music which is the main thing at any get together.


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The Magnet Entertainment

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